Thursday, 4 November 2010

Another Day Another Dollar?

It's all very well following your dream and that, but it's another thing entirely not having any bloody money! Now I can't complain too much, I live at home rent free (thanks Ma!) so I obviously save a big chunk in that department, but still! I still find my precious pennies draining away, and I'm intending (dreaming, hoping, praying) on moving out sometime next summer.

Par example:
Oyster Card: at least £20 a week, if not more.
General Weekend Socialising: £30-60 a night, depending on the type of night it is.
Phone Bill: £40 a month.
Nightclub Membership: £7 a month (yes I know this one isn't reeeeaaally necessary but if you new me you'd understand!)
Afghan Aid Donations: £2 a month.
Going To The Various Shows of Everyone You Know That's Now an Actor: £8-10 a pop.

So you see it all adds up. Plus there's a hundred other things I'd love to be able to do to better myself, such as join a gym, singing lessons, Spanish lessons, a DJ course. Ha! Dream on! At the moment I need to have 2 regular jobs to afford all the day to day stuff and attempt to save up to move out. So if I'm working most afternoons at job 1 and then most evenings at job 2 when oh when do I have time to go on auditions etc so I can begin to flourish in my ACTual job?! Hmm??? I haven't even glimpsed at CCP for weeks! Plus my internal calendar can only really handle one thing at a time, so what with trying to figure out when I'm free to do what shifts for which job there's no room in there to make myself available for afore mentioned 3rd job.

I'd say I'm not so much living the dream as dreaming the dream... cue SueBo.

Americano With Soy


  1. Add to that, memberships to casting websites around £15-25 a month, Spotlight, Equity, repros, postage, printing, scripts, contact lenses, and that's before we even get into rent-land.
    Oh and food is quite useful too!
    Frothy Mocha x

  2. This is all very familiar and the hardest thing for me is deciding whether I can afford to do something because it is 'profit share' which often means no money and demands full-time rehearsals during the day (when I work). But I have to remember that I made this choice and if I don't like it I don't have to do it. That helps me.