Friday, 19 March 2010

Welcome to I'm Just An Actor Dressed as a Fork!!

Welcome to the first post by the four graduate actresses collectively known as “I’m Just An Actor Dressed As a Fork”. 
Take a glance into the worlds of Frothy Mocha, Sweet Cuppa, Espresso and Americano with Soy as they try their hardest to stand out in a cut-throat industry.
The idea for this blog came about after a long overdue and boozy catch-up lunch (on a Monday as none of us were working). Many stories were told, laughed and cringed over and the last girls standing decided to pull together their various experiences of hilarity, horror and heartbreak that arise from the real world of a jobbing actress.  Which should be, frankly, an interesting insight into a f*cking strange industry.
We all pledge to name no names and preserve the hard-earned reputations of everyone we meet. We only ask that if you recognise any of us through our stories that you respect our anonymity and preserve the secret code of the working actor.
And we will love you forever. 
The Actresses


  1. I KNOW who you all are .. and I know what you did last summer !!

  2. girls this is brilliant - you really have something here; be it a sitcom, a drama , a book.... you have plenty ot talent to be writers. Go for it!