Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sweet Cuppa...With An Extra Few Lumps!

Well I'm Sweet Cuppa and one of the fork actresses! So where to begin...

Having thought about my first blog for some time...I came to the conclusion (mainly because I love all things feminine, cute and generally girly-hence the name sweet cuppa) that I would start with a little something that amused me which many female actresses may understand and empathize with.

Having read hundreds of casting breakdowns since graduating I am continually drawn to the "Appearance" section in which casting directors specify exactly what they would like in terms of a look. "Must be attractive", "Slim-Medium Build" and "Must have model looks but not an actual model" are phrases that both female and male actors alike often see.

So when I initally entered the weird and wonderful world of acting I began to ask myself: Are my cumbersome hips still in the "slim-medium" bracket?
Am I "attractive" or in fact just average?
And with a pair of suck-in pants and some tight leggings can I really appear two, or even three dress sizes smaller than I actually am?
Just for the record ladies, the answer to the last is Marks and Sparks can work wonders but in my case not miracles!

These questions may be ones that you have indeed asked yourself prior to embarking on your journey to a casting. And when I recieved a breakdown only a few weeks ago that read "Size does not matter, but must be a slim size 10", I burst out into fits of....laughter (not tears - phew, I am mentally stable after all)!

I think one thing that I have learnt as a young (size 12-14) graduating female is don't allow yourself to get too hung up on appearance. It is of course an important factor in getting work but there are a lot of other contributing factors as well.

Being comfortable in yourself I think radiates..So if the woman on the Weight Watchers commercial can rock curves so can all us forks out there.

Oh and I did not apply for the above named casting!

Much love

Sweet Cuppa
Do the right thing and make it two lumps not just the one.

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