Friday, 2 April 2010

Espresso - Breath-taking

I had my first medical roleplay job today. I'd been sent the outline of my character and situation last week. Basically my character had recently had an asthma attack and was visiting her doctor for advice. Simple I thought. 
I learnt all my characters background and had even decided on my pet hamsters name, so as I approached the hospital I was feeling rather smug. 
As soon as I arrived the doctor informed me that I had been sent the wrong information and I was in fact having the bloody asthma attack today. So I had to pretend to have 10 attacks in total. I felt very weak as I was actually hyperventilating and there were pretend hospital things like Oxygen and Nebulisers (all just air and water but still...) that the students used on me. 
The highlight was when the doctor told me that I was very good and convincing as an asthmatic! I must add it to my Spotlight skill list.


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