Monday, 5 April 2010

Spreadsheets Make Me Happy

It’s nearing that time of year again.  The end of the tax year. That time when people start panicking and asking things like “Do I need to do my tax return by next week?” (No) “What do I do with all my receipts?” (Keep them)  “Do you know any good accountants?” (Yes) “How are you so calm about it???”

This one I can only answer by revealing one of my guilty pleasures.  Microsoft Excel.

After spending my formative years concealing it, a combination of age and drama school have taught me to embrace who I am, however weird and wonderful. And who I am, is a geek.
I love spreadsheets. 

I don’t mean to boast here but the day after I graduated from drama school, I registered as self employed and went through the pleasant and therapeutic process of creating beautiful orderly spreadsheets on which to log my every business expense and income. There is something about the neat columns, the ability to order it, compartmentalise and even make a pie chart that pleases me.  Everything is there. Everything is clear. Yes I’m sad.

Granted, the expenses sheet is considerably longer than the income sheet.  Even though I’ve been lucky enough to have had several jobs in my 8 months in the professional world, none of them have been paid.  Three of them have been for expenses.  One of which still owes me money.

Which leads on to a whole fresh rant which I shan’t bore you with now entitled “How to Extract Money from Student Film-makers.”  That will be my adventure for Monday.  And I’m sure I’ll have something to say on the matter.

Frothy Mocha x


  1. And as if to perfectly illustrate my point..Americano with Soy's first reaction on reading this was "EEEEK f*cking spreadsheets and tax, ARGH!"

  2. I'm a kindred spirit - spreadsheets are marvelous and make everything so easy and organised, and much more interesting to do than my boring reception job! Here's to all the anal actors out there! (NOT in that sense!)

    J x